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You can’t always tell whether electrical appliances are safe with a visual check. 

Qualified Professionals 

Landlords and employers should make sure electrical appliances in rented accommodation and in the workplace are regularly checked and tested by a qualified professional. This is called portable appliance testing (PAT). 
Testing will confirm that your appliances are electrically safe and fit for purpose. You will reduce the risks of fire, electrocution, and injury. 

   Why are PATs needed? 

UK laws say that businesses must maintain electrical equipment in a safe condition. 
While some appliances only need the basic test, called a PAT insulation test, a full PAT test includes a visual inspection and a more in-depth check using specialist PAT testing equipment. 
At the end of a PAT test, every appliance should be marked ‘passed’ or ‘failed’ and there should be a record of the results. 

Which electrical appliances should be tested? 

Not all electrical items need to be PAT tested. The working definition is that any appliance with a plug attached that is plugged into a wall outlet should be tested. 
Appliances that should be considered for at least the basic PAT test include: 
Fixed appliances 
Stationary appliances 
IT appliances 
Moveable appliances 
Portable appliances 
Cables and chargers 
Hand held appliances. 

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